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Up To 1,500sq ft.

1hr  / $118


Joy Y.  Jeffrey was incredible. Flexible scheduling and gorgeous photos. My Listing is getting more views than any I've ever had!

3,500 - 4,500sq ft.

2hr  / $250

Downtown Tampa House.jpg

Tammy Mc.      Jeffrey shows Attention to detail and has the skill set we need to impress our clients and audiance. Our listings recieve more hits than ever before. We will continue to use him  

1,500 - 2,500sq ft.

1hr  / $145

Twilight 2moom-1.jpg

Stacy R.  Professionalism Jeffrey brings the best to the table for our team. Going above and beyone.

4,500 - 5,500sq ft.

2.5hr  / $300-$400

Aerial 2805 WM-1.jpg

Shawn C.    Jeffrey offers more than any other photographer we have used here in the Tampa area. Cost are upfront and very reasonable. He will impress! 

2,500 - 3,500sq ft.

1.5hr  / $175

Front Yard-8.JPG

Jack S.  Stunning pictures, amazing package with the tools I need as a Realtor to promote me, my team and client.


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